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Cilla McCain is a talented writer who brings her work to life through audio narration. She skillfully uses physical qualities such as pitch, volume, and timbre, as well as emotional qualities like tone and inflection. Additionally, her accent, articulation, pace, and resonance all contribute to a captivating listening experience.

Do People Burn Books in America_

Podcast: Do People Burn Books in America?

The story of Spc. Richard Davis, an American soldier who was tragically and senselessly murdered, gained international attention. However, some found the hard truths of the story unwelcome. Cilla McCain looks back on the eye-opening experience.


Author and Host Cilla McCain describes the events that brought her into the world of military true crime.

MIBC large.png

Book Discussion: "Murder in Baker Company"

48 hours.jfif

A Marine colonel's widow fights for the truth behind his death: Suicide or homicide?


Former Navy Seal in training, Brandon Caserta, threw himself into a spinning tail rotor as a means of suicide. His parents talked to Cilla McCain about the tragedy and in the process revealed systemic problems within the mysterious world of U.S. Navy Seals.

Elah Cover.png

A police detective (Charlize Theron) helps a retired Army sergeant (Tommy Lee Jones) search for his son, a soldier who went missing soon after returning from Iraq. Hank Deerfield, a Vietnam War veteran, learns that his son may have met with foul play after a night on the town with members of his platoon.

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